Farmhouse Roasters Coffee Offerings


Central and South American Coffee

  • Colombian Sierra Nevada Estate – Fair Trade Organic – Full-bodied with a hint of nuttiness – Medium Roast

  • Guatemalan Huehuetenango – Rain Forest Alliance - Medium to full-bodied, full-flavored coffees are sweet, complex, and beautifully balanced. Dark chocolate, grain, with green apple high notes.  Medium-dark Roast

  • Mexican – Fair Trade Organic – Mellow, creamy and chocolaty, medium Bodied, Medium Roast

  • Peruvian – Fair Trade Organic –   OCIA certified organic, Fair Trade and Shade-grown coffee is medium to full-bodied, smooth and balanced with a caramel sweet finish – Dark Roast

  • Decaffeinated Colombian – Medium-bodied, consistently pleasing, slightly sweet finish, “KVW" processed – Medium-dark Roast

African Coffee

  • Ethiopian Longberry Harrar Moka – Mellow, full-bodied with milk and dark chocolate tones and a subtle berry finish – Dark Roast

  • Ethiopian Konga – Sun Dried, sugary-sweet citrus notes with a smooth, berry mocha body – Dark Roast

  • Ethiopian Yiragcheffe – Washed Process, subtle notes of citrus, milk chocolate and spice – Med-dark Roast

  • Decaffeinated Ethiopian Sidamo – Full bodied, floral aroma, good body with chocolate and berry tones. Smooth finish. "KVW" processed – Medium-dark roast

Indonesian & Indian Coffee

  • Indonesian Bali – Organic – Medium bodied, smooth mocha finish.

  • Indonesian Sumatra – Certified organic and  RFA coffee is naturally processed,  syrupy mocha, rich cherry finish – Medium-dark roast

  • Monsoon Malabar – Indian coffee specially laid out to age through the Monsoon season producing a great mellow coffee with subtle spicy tones- Medium roast


  • Breakfast Blend – Medium roast – Medium body, bright, smooth and consistent wake you up coffee. Blend of American and Indonesian coffee – more than 70% Organic

  • Coffeehouse Blend (Peachtree Blend) – Medium-dark roast – Medium to Full body, crisp, smooth, with apple and dark chocolate tones. Blend of American and Indonesian coffee – more than 70% Organic or Rain Forest Alliance

  • Farmhouse Blend – Dark roast– Full body, bold, balanced, with subtle dark chocolate and caramel finish, a dark roastlovers delight. Blend of American, African and Indonesian coffee – more than 60% Organic

  • Espresso Blend – Specially roasted for espresso – perfect blend for full-bodied shot makes great crèma